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These award-winning tech and STEM products are great ways to get little ones interested in building and discovering

Creative Play

Imaginative play is a great way to inspire little one’s creativity and learning

Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set

The Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set contains everything young scientists need to explore color like never before. The set is equipped with STEAM-infused, playful experiments exploring color. The Color Chemistry Lab Set includes an easy-to-read instruction booklet that’s packed with 50 colorful science activities to try out at home and enough Crayola materials and supplies […]

Kidi Star Karaoke Machine™

Take center stage and sing like a star with the Kidi Star Karaoke Machine™. Grab the microphone and use Music Magic mode to turn down the main vocal track of your favorite songs so you can be the star. Easily connect your MP3 player or mobile devices with the included audio cable and play favorite […]

Crayola Kids@Work Action Blocks Crayon Tube

Little builders can get a head start on STEM skills and fuel imaginations with the Crayola Kids@Work Action Blocks! This twist on classic building blocks inspires hours of creative construction fun, as each sturdy and stackable block can spin, rotate, turn, twist, expand or build – it’s interactive, cognitive and imaginative play all-in-one! When finished, […]

Mom & Baby

We know parents want the very best for their babies and we have some great award-winning products just for your little one

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At NAPPA Awards our focus is family and our mission is simple — find and showcase the best toys, baby and family products. Becoming a parent is the most amazing journey of our lives and we all want the very best for our kids starting with strollers and bassinets to toys, books and apps that promote creativity and imagination. As our kids grow we want them to have learning tools that are engaging and educational. And most of all, we want to have fun and connect with our kids. So, this is us. We open the packages, we put it together, we read, we test the products, we jam to kids music bands, we go out in the community, we bring the kids and moms in our office and we play. And our message to all the moms and dads…go and have fun with your kids. This is the BEST. TIME. EVER.