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GUND Sustainably Soft Dolls

Baby GUND Sustainably Soft Dolls make the perfect gift to future generations of cuddlers. Each doll is sourced from 100% recycled materials (plastic bottles) and crafted with luxe ultra-soft recycled plush, fiber fill, and threads. Featuring six beautiful and diverse 12’ dolls, each plush is crafted with soft floral pattern onesies in an array of […]

Rubik’s Cube Retro Cube

Celebrate Rubik’s 50th Anniversary with this collector’s edition of the Rubik’s Cube Retro Cube. Displayed in a replica of the 1980s issue packaging, this blast to the past is decorated with the original Rubik’s Logo and classic-colored stickers. The yellow side of the cube has been replaced with a deep gold in celebration of this […]

Horse Stable Play World

Bababoo and friends’ Horse Stable Play World is more than a beautifully crafted wooden toy line from Europe, it opens the door to an entirely new play concept: merging the power of storytelling with traditional playtime! Care for the animals and practice riding horses at the horse stable! For kids 2+, includes horse stables and […]

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At NAPPA Awards our focus is family and our mission is simple — find and showcase the best toys, baby and family products. Becoming a parent is the most amazing journey of our lives and we all want the very best for our kids starting with strollers and bassinets to toys, books and apps that promote creativity and imagination. As our kids grow we want them to have learning tools that are engaging and educational. And most of all, we want to have fun and connect with our kids. So, this is us. We open the packages, we put it together, we read, we test the products, we jam to kids music bands, we go out in the community, we bring the kids and moms in our office and we play. And our message to all the moms and dads…go and have fun with your kids. This is the BEST. TIME. EVER.

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