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Jot Kids Lil Pros

With an 8.5” writing screen, fun colors and a kid-friendly protective cover, the Jot Kids Lil Pros reusable writing tablet is perfect for kids’ games, handwriting practice or drawing! The bright, durable display and integrated kickstand feature, as well as magnets, makes this a great writing tablet for all your kids’ projects. The protective cover […]

Batman All-Terrain RC Batmobile

Water, snow, mud, rock, and grass is no match for the All-Terrain RC Batmobile, perfect for outdoor play. This remote control Batmobile lets you drive from land to water and keep on going! Built with performance tires for unstoppable performance as you race through all terrains. The iconic Batman vehicle is compatible with all 4” […]

Red & Olive Co Doll

Red & Olive Co Doll is a fair trade brand that hand-knits fashionable best friends that encourage positive values. Every detail from whiskers to shoelaces are handmade with premium natural materials by artisans in Peru. Your child’s doll has a matching head accessory for them to wear, sparking imaginative play. Each BFF promotes emotional development […]

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At NAPPA Awards our focus is family and our mission is simple — find and showcase the best toys, baby and family products. Becoming a parent is the most amazing journey of our lives and we all want the very best for our kids starting with strollers and bassinets to toys, books and apps that promote creativity and imagination. As our kids grow we want them to have learning tools that are engaging and educational. And most of all, we want to have fun and connect with our kids. So, this is us. We open the packages, we put it together, we read, we test the products, we jam to kids music bands, we go out in the community, we bring the kids and moms in our office and we play. And our message to all the moms and dads…go and have fun with your kids. This is the BEST. TIME. EVER.

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